We live in a non-limited place, where the connection between Business world and its Information Technology is crucial. We truly believe that sophisticated modern technology is at the very first place to serve the company’s goals. On the other hand, we know it’s not just about the digitisation of processes and implementation. Our mission is to use the best of both Business & IT world in each of our solutions.

We are helping companies switching to the digital platform, developing unique solutions to problems, so they are able to concentrate on business goals without energy wasted. As we have experience from corporate and startup environments, we provide consultations in areas related to digitisation & technology used to provide maximum value to our clients. Using our proven application stack guarantees full transparency of project status for different stakeholders.


We solve challenges that arise from the technology-driven economy through automation. We are CloseIT - experts, who think and act as an extension of our customer’s teams. The firm committed to providing a complete business solution.

We give you hand in need to get an overview of a status of your own workflow, to help you take a qualified decision supported by data. 

We are developers who understand business and their technology which should be used to simplify reaching the goals of the company. We are actively looking for new technologies and their usage on real projects to bring the most optimised solutions for our clients.
IT partner of your business
Agile masters
Data integration experts
Developers with passion

We focus on the development integration of business intelligence, data science, mobile reporting and automation of IT infrastructure with processes.


Job made here connects both with elegance. IT & Business belongs together. Our approach ensures transparency in a direction from a single line of code to the complete product specification..


Our products are created by people passionate about creating something out of nothing.


We are glad to meet our client's satisfaction. We are developers who understand business and their technology which should be used to simplify reaching the goals of the company.


Being positioned at the junction between technology and its effective use in business is our mission.



For our internal purposes and also for several of our customers we either introduced or used Atlassian JIRA. We see this tool as an amazing platform which can serve purposes of software development teams but also to entirely non-IT related projects. One of the small problems that we faced was rendering a screen of an issue with many subtasks. Simply to get an overview of all the subtasks which belong to a common parent means lots of clicking to the parent and then another subtask. Therefore, we decided to create a free plugin which will add into a subtask a dialogue with a list of other subtasks with all the features of standard subtask list. Last but not least, if a client doesn't want to use this feature for all projects -  simply configure projects in the plugin administration.