Does Scrum save your business?

OUR CREATIVE MASTER When I met Agile I used to have startup developing a mobile application. We were two people working hard and at some point successfully, even though we were a big mess. Both […]


Null checking in MongoDB

OUR SCRUM MASTER When we started using MongoDB in our projects, I was very confused by aggregations. But I wrote so many of them at this point, I actually enjoy putting them together. At least I […]


Does a developer must have a pet project?

OUR SCRUM MASTER Having a pet project – a project being developed in your free time – can be a lot of fun. Give me a free week and option between spending the whole time […]

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The curse of string distance

OUR SCRUM MASTER   When you work for some time on a larger project, you may realise it doesn’t perform as well as it did. That is usually expected but sometimes, it just doesn’t feel […]

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PDI SAS Reader

OUR SCRUM MASTER If you work in FinTech, sooner or later (but probably sooner) SAS data set will get into your project. In a field dominated by one system, there is hardly a place for […]

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Visual client for MongoDB database?

OUR SCRUM MASTER Was looking for a visual client for MongoDB database worth it? Definitely! Fortunately, I do not belong to those developers who are satisfied just with a console. It might be because I […]