IT Consultant


Are you mastering..?

Arrays.asList("Communication", "Java", "ETL processes", "Linux", "PDI");

It will be amazing, if you already have an experience. If you feel not so experience, still you can balance it with drive and efficiency, so heads up. Your work would not be based just on developing, but also meeting our clients, so communicative skill is pretty much handy. You will also solve a software mystery.



You will manage your time thanks to flexible working hours and a possibility to have home office. You can feel like James Oliver in our office or simply enjoy fresh Nespresso coffee, get your energy back with fresh fruit juice or in summer jump into a fridge for an ice cream.


We live in an unlimited place where there is a key link between the business world and its information technologies. We truly believe that advanced sophisticated technology is at the forefront of serving the company's goals. We help businesses switch to digital platforms, develop unique solutions to problems, so companies can focus on business goals without losing energy.

We are a team that lives by writing code, inventing unique solutions, and not forgetting to have fun. We play soccer table, relax on the moon with our VR, we are having team - buildings. In the summer we enjoy ice creams and hot rooftops. You can also enjoy the weekly English lessons with Zachary. We regularly hold "CloseIT café" on which we pass on new knowledge from the world of technology and we try to refine it in what we already know.

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