Do you want to master your career?

Career in CloseIT

Don’t hesitate to work with us and gain new experience in your career life.

You might be a seasoned professional or fresh out of uni, either way, we want to know what skills you have. Come contact us and join us.


We’re always buzzing with ideas – we can’t get enough of them. It shows initiative to think outside the box to solve a problem or implement something new that excites the company.

What can you expect in our lively Startup?

  • Friendly working environment. We work passionately, but we don’t hesitate to have fun anytime, you can challenge us in PlayStation, try to beat our champion in a soccer table or be part of events we organize.
  • Flexible working hours and a possibility of a home office.
  • You can feel like James Oliver in a kitchen at our place. Grab a first class coffee, drink fresh fruit juice, or in summer months jump into a fridge for an ice cream.
  • We will support your personal development. Thanks to being Startup, you will gain a lot of knowledge. Our team is regularly organizing “CloseIT café”, where we educate each other about new technologies and support ourselves in being better at what we already working on.

If we got your attention, you should not wait for the grass to grow!


We can talk about the rest while drinking our delicious coffee. ☕